Bilasa blood banks are a group of four blood banks run by Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Group and headed by Shri Ravishankar Maharaj Ji.

The Rawatpura Group of Institutions was established in the year 2001 by Shri Ravishankar Maharaj ji whose vision is to give good education and best health services.

Initially the trust was formed with the aims and objectives as follows

  • To advance and provide education in various fields.
  • To provide boarding and lodging for the needy students in hostel.
  • To establish and maintain hostels, libraries, reading rooms, gymnasium and playgrounds for the benifit of students
  • To provide health facilities to the people of the area by starting Blood Banks.

The trust is managed by a board of trustees and the chairman of the trust is Shri Ravishankar Maharaj Ji. In it’s journey of commitments to the nation, the Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Trust has established a number of educational institutions running mainly in Engineering management, Nursing, General Education, Pharmacy etc.

These institutions are located throughout the states of chhattisgarh and are run under the able guidance of shri Ravishankar Maharaj.

The list of educational institutions run by the trust are

  1. Schools –           10 (Out of which 2 are of international standard)
  2. Engineering colleges –           2
  3. Nursing colleges –           7
  4. Pharmacy colleges –           2
  5. ITI colleges –           1
  6. colleges –           1
  7. colleges –           3

For health service we have four Blood Banks located at Raipur, Bilaspur, Korba and Rajnandgaon through these blood banks, blood is given to the needy patients at concessional rates after proper testing by our qualified team and under the guidance of Post graduate doctor having 15 to 20 year of experience.

We try to meet the requirment of blood by conducting voluntary blood donation camp at regular intervals. Since this area has a high incidence of Hemolytic Anemias like sickling and Thalassemia, it is our policy to provide blood to these needy patients as well as to cancer patients, free of cost whenever necessary. Our blood banks are open 24 hours and since we have blood banks at four different places, we can also provide rare blood groups from our blood banks whenever required.

Our blood bank also have the facility of component separation.

Rates:- As per Govt. rate whole blood is given to patients at Rs. 1450/- but at our blood banks it is provided at 1350/- only.

  • Whole Blood –           1350/-
  • Packed red cells –           1350/-
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma- 400/-
  • Platelets –           400/-