Bilasa Blood Banks are concerned with various activities including donor registration, physical examination,blood grouping, blood infectious tests, component separation, blood requisition and cross match.

The blood banks collect blood and separate it into its various components so they can be used most effectively according to the needs of the patient. Red blood cells carry oxygen, platelets help the blood clot, and plasma has specific proteins that allow proper regulation of coagulation and healing.

Objectives. To create awareness and motivate people for Blood Donation. … To help anyone, in case of any requirement for blood. To end the concept of replacement donation by ensuring continuous supply of blood through Voluntary Blood Donation in blood banks.


The role of staff at blood banks is to collect blood safely in a proper and recognized manner from suitable, healthy, low-risk donors. Their individual duties vary according to the number of donors bled at a session and the number of staff present, and depend on their experience and seniority. Regardless of who collects the blood they share the responsibility to ensure that:

1: Donors are appropriately screened to make sure that they are suitable as blood donors and that donation will not

harm either the donors themselves or the recipients of their blood.

2: Appropriate counselling and care is provided for donors before, during and after they donate blood

3: each donor is bled into an appropriate blood collection bag.

4: blood bags and sample tubes are correctly labelled

5: accurate and complete records are maintained

6: work is performed to a high standard.

7: Donations are conducted in a professional and efficient way.

Services Offered

  • Blood grouping and typing
  • Blood cross matching
  • Coombs test (updated method using gel technology now routinely done for all blood cross matches)
  • Coombs cross match
  • Tests for uncommon blood cell antigens and antibodies
  • Antibody titre
  • Screening tests for:
    • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
    • HIV
    • Venereal diseases
    • Malaria

The above mentioned screening tests are mandatory and have been prescribed under the guidance of the Drug Authority of India which is also the licensing authority.

Special Services Offered

Blood components available always include:

  • Red Blood Cells
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • Frozen Plasma
  • Platelet concentrates

Blood Component Available in an Emergency:

  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Platelet rich plasma